Lakanto Foods USA Deploys eWorkplace Apps’ Quality Management Software for Acumatica ERP

August 4, 2020 by eWorkplace Apps

Lakanto Foods USA

Lakanto Foods USA Deploys eWorkplace Apps’ Quality Management Software for Acumatica ERP

August 4, 2020 by eWorkplace Apps

Health and Wellness Food Manufacturer Adds Robust Quality Management System to Support Growth and Innovation

Aliso Viejo, CA _ Food manufacturer Lakanto Foods USA is deploying eWorkplace Apps’ Quality Management Suite for Acumatica software as part of Lankanto’s Acumatica ERP implementation.

The eWorkplace Apps Quality Management for Acumatica application provides a comprehensive Quality Management System for Lakanto, which makes healthy alternatives to sugar, including fruit-based sweeteners and spreads based on monk fruit.

Having a robust quality management system that works effectively across all our SKUs and can be managed all in one place, and provides a massively beneficial lot recall report, is an imperative for any growing company like ours.
– Adam Lappe, quality manager

“EWorkplace App’s Quality Management Suite for Acumatica will be the backbone of our quality program.”

Lakanto is deploying Acumatica’s award-winning, cloud-based ERP with help from Premier Computing, based in Jordan, Utah. Premier Computing offers advanced business automation solutions for companies nationwide and has performed more than 500 ERP implementations.

EWorkplace Apps Quality Management for Acumatica solution was developed with the Acumatica toolset and utilizes the Acumatica database so it tightly integrates with Acumatica ERP.
– Dennis Harrison, vice president of operations for Premier Computing

“We thought it would be a great fit for Lakanto, which needs the full quality management functionality eWorkplace Apps provides.”

“Seamless integration is an imperative,” added Lappe. “It makes it so all inventory movements are traceable, quality inputs happen at every process level and are documented. You can’t do that on spreadsheets and with inventory tracking alone.”

Like other process manufacturers, Lakanto needs document control, security, and quality measures in place to share and collaborate with it steams across departments, customers and contract manufacturers. It also needs to retain information to comply with the various state and federal regulations and certifications, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Non-GMO label, kosher status and USP FCC requirements for Monk Fruit Extract.

“I don’t see any way to manage that level of detail across hundreds of products without a robust quality control system like that from eWorkplace Apps.
– Adam Lappe, quality manager

“To have forward and backward traceability at a click of a button is just amazing.  We won’t need the full two or four hours to do a full audit trace. A click of a button will give us what we need. Waiting for the printer is going to be the longest wait.”

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